Sunday, April 30, 2006

First Eyass of the Season in Manhattan.

Mitch Nusbaum sights a very young Red-tail in the Inwood nest, his report below.

Sunday 4/30 At 5:06p positive ID of a single hawklet spotted in Inwood Hill's Clove, 60 ft. near the top ofa Tuliptree. 1 Hawklet moving about as the adult stood in the nest. From 6:00-15 I observed the one chick being fed bill to bill; a flurry of feathers means a Pigeon. 6:27 Mom is now down as if possibly incubating another egg. If this happened here it can also happen at 105 CPS.

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Anonymous said...

I loved reading about the Elm Fruit. Informative and wonderfully written.

It was my first look at a Black-crowned Night Heron with it's glowing red eyes that launched me into serious birding! Beautiful, and yes -- somewhat "creepy"!